Slave bracelet history is harder to find than you would imagine. I scoured the interwebs and this is what I came up with.

Why is a bracelet with a ring attached called a Slave Bracelet?

Slave Bracelet History: Pink Pearl Bracelet with Ring So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had a thing for slave bracelets for a very long time. But I never knew why they were called that.

I also had a really tough time finding the answer. It was believed in some circles that they got their name because of their popularity among the BDSM community, but this is not the case according to slave bracelet history.

Slave bracelets have been around for quite a long time, they first became popular among the Indian community, and first showed up in North America when they became popular with the 20’s flapper subculture.

They enjoyed a brief resurgence in popularity in the 70’s as well, when the term “hand flower” was also coined to describe them in an attempt to avoid the connotations of subservience and/or servitude conjured by their original name.

In fact, the term “slave bracelet” has nothing to do with actual slavery. The unusual piece of jewellery was so called simply because the bracelet and ring are attached to one another, and therefore the ring is a “slave” to the bracelet and vice versa.

Slave Bracelet History: Rhodium with Ring
Slave bracelet history shows the most common modern slave bracelets are made with chain maille, and are very popular at renaissance fairs and medieval re-enactments, as well as with the Gothic community.

They usually consist of various European weaves, most commonly the European 4 in 1, in a triangular pattern from the wrist and attached to a smaller chain, or sometimes multiple chains to be worn around the fingers.

Other slave bracelets popular in modern culture consist of a thick metal cuff with large adornments, attached to a large ring with a matching adornment, such as a spider, snake or dragon.

More feminine types of slave bracelets have been increasingly difficult to find, which is why I began making them myself. No reason unusual jewelry can’t be pretty too!

I’ll keep my eyes out for more slave bracelet history, the pictures in this article are two great pictures of my work.

If you’re done reading about slave bracelet history… check out my other hand made slave bracelets here :)

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