Rhinestone slave bracelets add class and elegance and a touch of flair to any outfit.

When I was looking for slave bracelets I was disappointed to find that the majority of them had heavy gothic charms, and none exuded the glamour and style I was looking for, so I started making my own. Here’s three slave bracelets, or hand flowers as they are sometimes called, that I’m especially proud of.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelets An Ivy Chain

Something different, something sophisticated that has class and a unique style this bracelet is it. It’s got a chain unlike any other, something I was inspired to make when I was twisting wire one night and thought this could be something special.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Crystal Clear and Frosty Blue Beads

The crystal and blue swarovski crystal beads sparkle and shine on an oddly shaped chain that stands out from the crowd. If you have a personal style, this could be for you.

Indulgent Beauty

This rhinestone slave bracelet is charming and elegant. It exudes confidence and an air of decadence. The large shining bead on the ring is indulgent and reminiscent of royalty. The heavy chain adds to the look with a complex thickly woven chain to match the thick bead on the ring.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Pink Swarovski Crystals

Sparkly Rhinestone Slave Bracelets are my Favorite

Here’s one of my inspirations. I can’t link you to it in my ArtFire gallery because it already sold. But fear not, if this bracelet is what your heart desires, I can make one like it just for you.

These three rhinestone slave bracelets are some of my favorites, and if you’d like to see more watch this video:

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