Silver Swarovski Crystal Slave Bracelets

by Jen June 29, 2012

Silver Swarovski Crystal Slave Bracelets   Curated By: BrainofJen Handmade Gifts

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A Bold Cuff Bracelet is Always in Style!

by Jen May 14, 2012

Throughout history, bold, wide cuff bracelets have been popular among confident, fashion forward women who like to make a statement with their unique jewelry pieces. This striking, exotic slave bracelet adds an extra flair of drama and originality with a gemstone beaded chain and rosette style wire wrapped ring attached. The cuff bracelet was crafted […]

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Eternity Symbol Slave Bracelet: The Possibilities are Infinite!

by Jen April 8, 2012

I recently started making eternity rings, a simple, wire wrapped ring with the infinity symbol at its center. These rings have become so popular, I decided to incorporate them into a slave bracelet as well! This particular design is made with gorgeous silver and black Swarovski crystals, a classic combination that goes with anything. I’m […]

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Spring Flowers are Here! New Silver Flower Slave Bracelet

by Jen March 29, 2012

This pretty, dainty slave bracelet brings a new meaning to the term hand flower! The focal piece is a beautiful, hand forged silver hammered wire flower, with a delicate pink pearl adorning its center. The perfect accessory for your spring & summer wardrobe! The bracelet is attached by a thin silver chain to a pink […]

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Ommmmm – The Belly Dance Slave Bracelet

by Jen February 20, 2012

One of the first places slave bracelets gained popularity was in belly dancing. With that in mind, I figured it was about time I made a slave bracelet fit for a belly dancer. Something with lots of movement and sparkle! The crystals in this beautiful slave bracelet fill the sparkle quota perfectly! They’re a lovely, […]

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Butterflies Flutter By: A Great New Slave Bracelet for Spring!

by Jen February 4, 2012

This one of a kind slave bracelet design was all inspired by those little glass butterfly beads! Made from hand blown glass by the exceptionally talented Beadtrap, the very moment I laid eyes on them, I envisioned this beautiful slave bracelet in my mind. The intricate wire wrapped cuff is given an almost solid appearance […]

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Mood Slave Bracelet: A New Take on an Old Fad

by Jen January 29, 2012

Remember mood rings? Those color changing rings were a huge fad in the 70’s, and you can still find them around today, every few years they seem to have a resurgence in popularity. I’ve added a new spin to the old trend with this mood slave bracelet! The silver wire wrapped cuff features four mood […]

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Cool Turquoise, Warm Copper – Reunited (and it Feels So Good!)

by Jen January 13, 2012

Here’s a totally unique idea! A beautiful copper watch with a turquoise beaded band, with a handmade beaded chain attached to a ring, turning it into a one of a kind slave bracelet! I absolutely adore the way the cool turquoise and warm copper colors complement one another! As it turns out, there’s a good […]

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Slave Bracelet From Start to Finish

by Jen December 30, 2011

Ever wondered how I make a slave bracelet? Now you can see the progression of a wire cuff slave bracelet – this one featuring dark red Mookaite gemstones wrapped in silver wire – from start to finish. Evolution of a Slave Bracelet Want to request a slave bracelet for yourself? Contact me, I love doing […]

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Silver Butterfly Birthstone Slave Bracelets

by Jen December 15, 2011

Symbolizing a long and carefree life, the butterfly is a perfect centerpiece for my new line of birthstone slave bracelets. Pretty and feminine, this handmade silver slave bracelet can be adorned with Swarovski crystals in any color you choose! You can find the entire list of available birthstone colors here.

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