A gold slave bracelet, or gold bracelets of any kind really, have a classical beauty that no eye can deny.

Gold Slave Bracelet with Dark Red Beads

This bracelet combines the classic beauty of gold with the passionate colorings of dark red beads. The bracelet shimmers and shines in the light like good jewellery should. This bracelet was hand made by me.

When I made this gold slave bracelet, I pictured a regal beauty with her head high and a relaxed wrist drawing the eye of everyone in the room. The ring with bead draws the eye from the wrist to feminine hands. I have an Italian girlfriend that I’m making another one of these for because she loves to gesture and red is her color.

The delicate curls on this gold slave bracelet intermingled with true blood red beads add the touch of sophistication to make this piece a gem for every woman.

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