Celtic slave bracelets celebrate a passionate culture with a contemporary style.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Classic Coloring

Get a touch of the Irish with this green and gold bracelet.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Classic Colors

The transparent green crystals give a stylish flair to a complex gold chain made by hand with care.

If that’s too traditional for you try a touch of green flair with a dainty styling.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Greeen and White Crystals

Celtic Slave Bracelets: The Neverending Knot

A neverending knot represents the flow of life, the continuity of love, and a neverending bond. These two beauties center around a classic charm with slight variations in styling.

The first is an earlier bracelet in my history of creating.

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Large Pink Beads

Notice the heavy pink beads on the solid silver chain centering around a neverending knot.

Here’s a close up of the main charm:

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Pink Beads

I’ve reused this neverending celtic knot with variations in the chain. This is one I’m proud of. I love the spiral crosses on the wrist. It adds sophistication and a delicate beauty to the overall design.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Celtic Knot Variation

Notice the light look of the chain, and the heavy gauge of the wire on the knot. All hand made.

Celtic slave bracelets are some of my favorites, but they aren’t all I make. Click here for more.

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Check out a video of my Celtic Slave Bracelets

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