Celtic slave bracelets with rings symbolize an ancient mythology and display it with style and taste to create a one of a kind look. Take a look through all four, the last one is my favorite.

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Rings: Colours that are Classics

Green and gold are the classic colors of celtic Ireland. This bracelet combines the two.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Classic Colors

A complex gold chain that will move when you move and glitter and shine alongside transparent green beads to light up any outfit.

Green and gold a little too classic for you? Try silver and green with white crystals instead.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Greeen and White Crystals

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Rings: Knots of Meaning

The neverending knot is a longstanding symbol of the everlasting love, the continuity of life, and the flow of time.

This bracelet is some of my early work. It features the classic four point neverending celtic knot and heavy pink beads.

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Large Pink Beads

The heavy pink beads add color, a flash of femininity, and a touch of style. The woman who wear this bracelet isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

This is a close up of the charm:

Celtic Slave Bracelets with Pink Beads

The symbolism of the neverending celtic knot is one of my favorites. I’ve used it again in this more complex design.

Celtic Slave Bracelets: Celtic Knot Variation

The chain is light but I’ve added a twist with spiral crosses on the wrists and smaller pink beads for an overall dainty feminine appearance. A flirty and sophisticated appeal.

Celtic slave bracelets with rings are great. I have other bracelets too click here for more style and grace.

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Check out my Celtic Slave Bracelet with Ring video

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