Gorgeous New Cuff Slave Bracelets Featuring Polymer Clay Beads from Strange Whimsy Jewelry

by Jen on February 15, 2013

Silver slave bracelet featuring polymer clay beads from Strange Whimsy Jewelry

Silver slave bracelet featuring polymer clay beads from Strange Whimsy Jewelry

When I first began learning how to make jewelry, I wanted to try my hand at everything. Some ventures, like chainmaille and wire work, were pretty successful. Others, like polymer clay, not so much. I’d seen so many beautiful beads, flowers, critters and creatures made from poly clay, and thought surely, with enough practice, I’d be able to create something beautiful to add to my slave bracelets too. But no matter how much I tried, all I wound up with was a blob. Thus ended my dream for a line of slave bracelets incorporating polymer clay creations.

Then I discovered a shop called Strange Whimsy, with some of the most unique and lovely polymer clay necklaces and pendants I’d ever seen. Gorgeous swirling hearts and delicate flowers in styles ranging from the romantic to the industrial. I became obsessed with Whimsy’s amazing creations & would check out her shop often just to see what was new. And always with a tinge of envy of her creative abilities.

Finally, I decided to contact her to see how she’d feel about a collaboration, and much to my delight she came up with three awesome focal beads for me to incorporate into my wire wrapped cuff slave bracelets.

The first piece I decided to use is this gorgeous gray heart adorned with blue flowers and crystals, which I’ve attached to a silver wire wrapped cuff, with the chain from the bracelet to the ring made with matching Swarovski crystals in metallic sapphire blue and gold.

Check back soon to see the other two pieces!

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