September Birthstone Slave Bracelet with Sapphire Swarovski Crystals

by Jen on July 21, 2012

September Bracelet

Maybe it’s just because I’m a September baby myself, but I’ve always loved the deep, dark blue of the sapphire, the birthstone for September.

Genuine sapphires are among the rarest gemstones in the world, and are also known as the “Stone of Destiny”. They are believed to bring a sense of peace and understanding to the wearer, along with the hope and ambition required to reach one’s long term goals and dreams.

Surrounded by gorgeous silver Swarovski crystals, the dark metallic blue crystals used to represent the sapphire in this eye catching slave bracelet and ring have a truly unusual lustre and shine. Each slave bracelet is made to order, and can be further personalized with your choice of focal piece!

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