A Bold Cuff Bracelet is Always in Style!

by Jen on May 14, 2012

Throughout history, bold, wide cuff bracelets have been popular among confident, fashion forward women who like to make a statement with their unique jewelry pieces. This striking, exotic slave bracelet adds an extra flair of drama and originality with a gemstone beaded chain and rosette style wire wrapped ring attached.

The cuff bracelet was crafted entirely by hand using a thick sturdy wire for the frame, and then wrapping about 30 feet of thin wire in, out, over under & around the wire frame meticulously by hand – a process taking about 7 hours. I really love the look of this wire wrapping technique, it gives an almost solid appearance to the bracelet from afar, you need to look closely to see the intricate detail of the wire wrapping. And the contrast of the deep red polished Mookaite gemstone nestled in the center against the silver wire creates a truly stunning look.

Click here for more details and pictures, or to purchase!

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