Why I Love Making Custom Slave Bracelets

by Jen on October 13, 2011

Many handmade artists are put off by the idea of custom work. I have never been one of those people, I LOVE making custom slave bracelets! While the process can be time comsuming, and involves a lot of trial and error, it always forces me to branch a little further outside of my comfort zone, and to think about things a little differently. And I always wind up with new ideas that I can incorporate into my newest designs.

This turquoise and silver cuff style slave bracelet is a perfect example of that process. The customer knew she wanted a cuff bracelet, but where we ran into problems was on what style of cuff. Everything I tried was just not quite right. Once we decided to use this large turquoise bead as the focal piece, I had to figure out how to make said bead attach in three different places (one on each side of the stone for the bracelet, and one attaching the bracelet to the ring) instead of the two any regular bead allows for. A few failed experiments later, and I finally came up with these wire scrolls surrounding the focal bead, and we had a winner!

This particular bracelet is different from that custom piece, which featured only a chain bracelet, whereas this piece incorporates more turquoise coin beads after the tapered cuff. You can see more details of this beautiful slave bracelet here.

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