Rhinestone Slave Bracelet Collection

by Jen Lowrie on August 19, 2011

A rhinestone slave bracelet, made with Swarovski crystal beads, can add a glamourous look and feel to any outfit.

Here are my top five favorite bracelets, made with class, style, and the modern woman in mind.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet #5: A Flash of Pink

Pink rhinestone beads, surrounded in a silver chainmail flower create classic female flower power.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Pink Swarovski Crystals

The complex and light silver chain add to the delicate femininity of this dainty slave bracelet.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet #4: The Golden Age

Like the first bracelet on the countdown, this bracelets chain is made with a complexity that adds sophistication to the overall design and has a splash of color with purple rhinestone beads.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Gold Chain and Purple Beads

My favorite part of this bracelet is the sparse use of color and the decadence it conveys with the royal color match of purple and gold.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet #3: Cool and Classy

This bracelet varies from earlier style with a serpentine S shaped ring. The ring is fully adjustable.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet in Silver and Blue

The blue Swarovski crystal beads combine with he silver beads and skinny silver chain for a frosty look and feel. The light reflects off the lighter beads for a glimmer like snowflakes in the air, or frost on a window.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet #2: Dark and Dangerous

This bracelet has a hand twisted chain made of black wire to embellish the bracelet and add a musical flair. Perfect for the established or budding musician in your life.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Black Beads and Music Note

Black beads like music notes on a page adorn the bracelet in rhythm like sound. The hand twisted charm remind everyone that sees it that the wearer has a flair for sound.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet #1: Twisted Crystal

My last rhinestone slave bracelet that I share with you has a special look and feel unlike any other in this collection. The twisted wire branches out to many shiny crystal beads.

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with Crystal Clear and Frosty Blue Beads

Like it’s frosty sister the cool and classy slave bracelet echoes edge and flair by adding a thin gauge twisted wire structure. The branched wire looks like the thin branches of a young tree reaching out and ice collecting on the ends.

It shimmers and shines like no other.

Thanks for checking out my latest slave bracelet collection!

I have a youtube video with some of my other rhinestone slave bracelets here!

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