Celtic Slave Bracelet with Pink Beads and Some Sterling Silver

by Jen Lowrie on July 3, 2011

This celtic slave bracelet with pink cats eye beads and adjustable ring was hand made.

Silver Slave Bracelet

Silver Slave Bracelet with Pink Cats Eye Beads (Click for full size image)

For women with flair… a one of a kind sense of style… this celtic slave bracelet is an individual seeking a like mind for fashionable times.

Silver Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Ring (click for full size image)

Slave bracelets date back as far as the 20’s and make a re appearance in 70’s style. With a celtic knot, and pink cat’s eye beads there’s a touch of the homelands, and a splash of feminity.

Silver Celtic Knot Slave Bracelet (click for full size image)

Silver Celtic Knot Slave Bracelet (click for full size image)

The featured celtic knot on this slave bracelet is 30 millimeters and hand shaped with 12 gauge non tarnish wire. It’s adorned on either side with lilac (amethyst) colored beads.

More pictures of this bracelet are here.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you like this bracelet. It’s appreciated.

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