My Slave Bracelet Obsession

by Jen on June 13, 2011

My obsession with slave bracelets began at a very young age.  I can’t even remember where or how I got my first one, but I remember that it was a beautiful silver cuff with a turquoise butterfly in the center, attached by a fine spiral chain
to a butterfly ring, with a pretty turquoise swirl pattern in the center of the chain.  My favorite thing about it was that it was so unique, and I knew it would be something that no one else had.
I wore this slave bracelet daily for years, until the cuff finally broke from being adjusted so often.  I searched high and low for another one, but to no avail.  Finally, I decided to make my own slave bracelet using some old pieces of my mother’s jewellery and whatever small tools I could find lying around the house.  I loved getting the daily comments about my beautiful and unusual piece of jewellery.  One day I loaned this piece to a friend whom I lost touch with soon after, and never saw it again.

Eventually, I began to learn more about chainmaille and other jewellery making techniques, and was coming up with new slave bracelet designs every chance I had.  After receiving so many compliments and requests for custom pieces, I
decided to start offering my unique slave bracelets for sale at craft shows and online.

I love being able to create one of a kind pieces for people, unique designs that I know will be cherished by their new owner for years to come!

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Laura June 22, 2011 at 7:49 pm

What a great story of your inspirations!


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