Chainmail Box Weave Slave Bracelet (Strong and Feminine)

by Jen Lowrie on May 27, 2011

One of my early chainmail creations is a chainmail box weave slave bracelet. The thick box weave made with steel loops give the bracelet a renaissance look, while the black rubber loops give it a functional fit. The matching rose charm add a touch of femininity.

Handmade Chainmail Slave Bracelet with Rose Adornment

Chainmail was originally a type of armor made with small rings looped together to provide protection during battles. At first, one group (The Assyrians) attached metal loops to leather to provide protection from weapons. Eventually the style was discovered and copied and even built upon by removing the lether and linking only the metal loops to other metal loops. The look is traditionally a renaissance look.

I like to use a chainmail box weave in slave bracelets because it creates a heavy chain with a strong look and feel that makes a statement. The combination of steel and black rubber takes the look a step farther.

HAndmade Chainmail Slave Bracelet with Rose Adornment

Chainmail box weave slave bracelets aren’t all I make, look at more handmade slave bracelets by clicking here!

If you’re interested in buying one of my bracelets, come check out my ArtFire Gallery to see what’s in stock.

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