Custom beaded Olokun prayer bracelet and ring

Custom beaded Olokun prayer bracelet with ring attached

I’ve mentioned before that I love doing custom orders, and I truly do love all the custom orders I’ve worked on so far, but every once in a while I get one that holds a bit of extra special meaning, which makes me feel especially honored, and usually teaches me something new and interesting in the process. This Olokun prayer bracelet was just such an order.

Olokun is a deity of the Yoruba religion associated with the sea, the name is literally translated as Owner (OLO) of the Ocean (OKUN). Olokun has been referred to as both male and female, but it is generally believed that that Olokun transcends gender. Depicted as a man or a woman with a fish tail, Olokun wears a mask of dark blue with 9 accent colors, and a beaded necklace in dark blue, and accented with green and red coral beads, much like the ones I’ve used in this special slave bracelet.

If you would like to request your own custom piece, please feel free to contact me! You can also find more of my slave bracelets here.

Streisand Oscar JewelryFor the first time in over 35 years, Barbra Streisand took to the Oscar stage for a flawless performance of her classic hit “The Way We Were”, in a tribute to her friend, songwriter Marvin Hamlisch. She looked absolutely dazzling in a sparkling black and gold gown with gorgeous and eye catching accessories, including a fabulous gold slave bracelet! Awesome! Way to be a trendsetter, Babs!

After the performance, Oprah tweeted “Barbra Streisand standing O for being classic elegance in every way.” I couldn’t agree more, and I think Streisand should get the award for best Oscar jewelry!

Silver slave bracelet featuring polymer clay beads from Strange Whimsy Jewelry

Silver slave bracelet featuring polymer clay beads from Strange Whimsy Jewelry

When I first began learning how to make jewelry, I wanted to try my hand at everything. Some ventures, like chainmaille and wire work, were pretty successful. Others, like polymer clay, not so much. I’d seen so many beautiful beads, flowers, critters and creatures made from poly clay, and thought surely, with enough practice, I’d be able to create something beautiful to add to my slave bracelets too. But no matter how much I tried, all I wound up with was a blob. Thus ended my dream for a line of slave bracelets incorporating polymer clay creations.

Then I discovered a shop called Strange Whimsy, with some of the most unique and lovely polymer clay necklaces and pendants I’d ever seen. Gorgeous swirling hearts and delicate flowers in styles ranging from the romantic to the industrial. I became obsessed with Whimsy’s amazing creations & would check out her shop often just to see what was new. And always with a tinge of envy of her creative abilities.

Finally, I decided to contact her to see how she’d feel about a collaboration, and much to my delight she came up with three awesome focal beads for me to incorporate into my wire wrapped cuff slave bracelets.

The first piece I decided to use is this gorgeous gray heart adorned with blue flowers and crystals, which I’ve attached to a silver wire wrapped cuff, with the chain from the bracelet to the ring made with matching Swarovski crystals in metallic sapphire blue and gold.

Check back soon to see the other two pieces!

Post image for The Cherry Blossom Tree of Life Slave Bracelet

Rose Quartz Cherry Blossom Tree of Life Bracelet with Ring Attached

Rose Quartz Cherry Blossom Tree of Life Bracelet with Ring Attached

]A few months ago, I had a request to make one of my Tree of Life slave bracelets with a cherry blossom tree. Now that the craziness of the holidays has settled down, I’ve finally gotten around to making one! Using the standard silver frame I use for most of my cuffs, some lovely brown copper wire I found, and pretty pale pink rose quartz chip beads, I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

Click here if you’d like more info, or to purchase

I’ve got plenty more Trees of Life in the works, if there’s something in particular you’d like to see, let me know, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Tree of Life Slave Bracelet by BrainOfJen

These exquisite gemstone slave bracelets are truly pieces of wearable art! The finely hand crafted cuff bracelet features the symbolic Tree of Life prominently at its center. I’ve created one slave bracelet for spring, with silver wire and green Peridot gemstones, and one for autumn, with copper wire and Carnelian gemstones.

The Tree of Life, also sometimes called the Sacred Tree, or the Cosmic Tree, holds great meaning for many different cultures the world over. While the cultures vary greatly, the symbolism of the Tree of Life is essentially the same. The sturdy trunk of the tree remains on the earthly plane, with its roots planted firmly in the ground, symbolizing our connection to the underworld, and the branches of the tree stretching towards the sky, representing our connection to the heavens.

Charles Darwin also used the Tree of Life to help explain evolution, with the roots representing species that are now extinct, yet still connected to the trunk, and the ever growing and changing branches symbolizing the ever evolving world around us.

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July Birthstone Slave Bracelet: the Ruby

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July: Ruby Birthstone Slave Bracelet

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